Book Review

Awakening to child health 1 : holistic child and adolescent development / by Dr Raoul Goldberg.

This book is the first of three by Dr Goldberg, dealing with therapeutic approaches to contemporary health disturbances. Dr Goldberg practises anthroposophically integrated medicine in Cape Town, in a general practice as well as in local Steiner schools. This book presents the fruits of many years’ experience and shows the author to be an insightful and knowledgeable practitioner.

In this first volume Dr Goldberg approaches holistic child development in the most thorough and comprehensive way imaginable. Goldberg is a student of Rudolf Steiner’s work and has also had training in psychophonetics. This leads to an interesting mix of scientific information and deeply meditative, subjective contemplation, which reaches such depths that from the individual it leads back to the universal.

For all topics, Goldberg gives us the ‘bigger picture’. As in Steiner education, we move with him from the whole to the parts. In this way he makes Rudolf Steiner’s knowledge of the human being with body, soul and spirit, as well as the human being’s four-fold nature, accessible to everyone. A brief look at the contents pages will show that there is nothing missing! Ultimately this is a book to keep on the bedside table – it will not be enough to just read it once! Rather it is a book to read and come back to, again and again. It is a wonderful resource to have as a parent, teacher or medical practitioner, independent of your level of knowledge of Anthroposophy.

If the meditative and contemplative parts are not to your taste, I would still suggest that you will find more than enough scientific information to enhance your own knowledge.

Get it out of the library to have a read! I am looking forward to the next two volumes.


This book is highly recommended by Jen O’Bryan and a donation from the Ashby family. It is available from the Tarremah Library.