Class 4’s Interview with our Librarian, Leonie

LeonieQ. What is your full name? Leonie Jane Atkins

Q. Where do you come from? I was born in Launceston

Q. What is your passion for books? I have read 3 or 4 books a week on average ever since I could read.  When I watch television I fall asleep but when I read a book I stay awake until the book is finished because I can’t put it down.

Q. Do you have any children? No, but  I have  lots of Nieces and Nephews

Q. What is your favourite book?  This is a hard question to answer. Tangara was my favourite when I was 9 and I also loved The Owl service by Alan Garner.  I like
adventure, mystery, fantasy …. The list goes on.

Q. What kind of house do you live in? I live in a wooden house with two stories. It is a weatherboard house and it is in Hobart near lots of bush.

Q. Have you been a librarian at any other school? Yes I have been a librarian for about 32 years.

Q. Do you like working here and why? I love working here because when I get to work in the morning I can hear the birds singing and I love working with all the children in the school both in the high school and the primary school.

Q. What school did you go to? I went to a school in Launceston but as soon as I got to school I would walk home again. Then I went to a school in Devonport and then to Devonport High and the University of

Class 4