Staying safe online

No matter how much we try to educate students and their parents about keeping safe online, instances arise all the time which remind us to be vigilant about online behaviours.

Having become used to Facebook and Twitter, we find new social media platforms continually popping up, including Instagram. Parents should be aware that many young people are using Instagram to communicate with friends, sometimes inadvisedly and inappropriately. As with all social media, Instagram offers many benefits, but also has the potential to be used in a negative way. Parents should note that, by default, all Instagram
profiles are set to public and anyone can view a profile and photos on Instagram.

Parents are advised to maintain a monitoring role with their children’s online activity for all social networking sites, ensuring that posts and content are always appropriate. Most social networking sites have a minimum age of 13 years — for good reason. Whatever the user’s age, always ensure that settings are on