What’s in a name? (with sincere apologies to Shakespeare)

Later this term, Tarremah will launch a new Learning Management System (LMS) which will enable secondary students and staff to have remote access to our online collection of learning materials and other electronic information. This is a type of Intranet which will incorporate documents, interactive learning materials, video, images, podcasts and other resources, all accessible from home computers and personal devices such as iPads. It will enable Secondary students to connect more readily with curriculum materials and, to communicate with teachers and peers, especially when students are absent for any reason.

All members of the Tarremah School community are invited – encouraged! – to dig deep into the grey matter and get the creative juices flowing, to find a catchy name for our new LMS.  TarremahNet? No, too easy… LMSystem? No, too unimaginative… What’s your

Just email me with any ideas before Friday 7 June.  (judy.moss@tarremah.tas.edu.au)