Online resources for students


The Atlas of Living Australia provides online information on all Australian plants and animals. Includes images, literature, sightings, maps, research and other data.

tas histt

The Companion to Tasmanian history website contains information about important periods of Tasmania’s history and can be searched by topic and keywords. There is also a text edition in the Tarremah Library.

CIA World Fact Book
provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.
AustLit aims to be the definitive virtual research environment and information resource for Australian literary, print, and narrative culture. For password access please contact the Tarremah Library.
With over 6000 items catalogued
in the Maritime museum of Tasmania, images and information on these photographs and other nautical items are available on the Maritime museum’s website.

is an interactive learning
website for Australian school
students, featuring curriculum
based worksheets, videos and
podcasts that caters to all
learning styles. This site requires
you to create a login.
Khan Academy is website dedicated to providing free information on a great range of topics through online videos. There are over 4000 micro lectures featured on this website.
Encyclopedia Mythica Mythica is an online encyclopedia
of mythology, folklore, and religion
containing over 7,000 articles.

is the catalogue for the National Library of Australia. Within the catalogue there are maps, digitised historical documents and archived newspapers as well as music and images.
6 step research process This page explains the 6-step
research process. Use it as a guide
for your assignments, and to
map out your own progress.
Online encyclopedia A-Z Animals includes interesting information about a range of animals in an easy to read format. A-Z animals encyclopedia
Australia’s foremost dictionary of national biography.
The Australian poetry library contains a large number of poems by hundreds of Australian poets from 1810 to present. This website has a glossary and information for teachers. Australian poetry library

Prezi is an online presentation software which enables you to create interesting and exciting presentations. There is a large variety of templates or you can create your own!
Slideshareis the largest online community for sharing presentations. Slideshare supports a range of different formats of presentations such as keynote, PDFs, powerpoint, and many others.
Popplet is an easy way to create effective mind maps and presentations. It is also an app and can be downloaded and used on an iPad or smartphone.

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